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Jun 19, 2012

Rear Admiral Joseph P. Aucoin is the Director, Programming Division, N80 of the United States Navy. He presented on his experiences making difficult decisions on what will be included in the Navy budget and the challenges of building the Navy budget during a period of fiscal restraint.

Jun 12, 2012

Senator Russ Feingold discussed his new book While America Sleeps, which addresses our nation's collective failure in responding properly to the challenges of the post-9/11 era. The book covers the negligent and willful oversimplification of complicated new problems, as well as a sometimes cynical exploitation of the...

Jun 5, 2012

Although the manufacturing sector continues to play a vital role in the US economy and provide millions of American jobs, the US manufacturing sector has faced significant challenges in recent decades. Rotarian Mary Isbister, President of GenMet, provided a brief primer on the current state of manufacturing in the U.S....