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May 29, 2012

On May 29, the Rotary Club of Milwaukee celebrated the recipient of the Rotary Person of the Year Vocational Recognition Award: Giacomo, Angelo and Laurie Falluca. This vocational award recognizes individuals who, through their profession, have made the community a better place to live and work. Their contributions may have been in the form of important leadership activities or in the advancement of ideas, products or services.

The Fallucas manage Palermo Pizza, Inc, a frozen pizza manufacturing company that evolved out of the family restaurant and bar opened in 1969 by the Fallucas’ parents. Palermo’s was one of the first companies to relocate to the Menomonee River Valley, and the Fallucas are quick to credit city officials for assisting them with land acquisition and the move. Palermo’s is proud to be part of the regional redevelopment and growth strategy. The facility has 110,000 square feet with 430 employees at the site, many drawn from the nearby south side. On a community basis, the Palermo team participates in the Urban Ecology Center’s project in the Menomonee River Valley and the Menomonee Valley Business Association. The Fallucca team proves once again that entrepreneurs reinvent themselves, grow the economy and create jobs.