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Aug 27, 2019

Effective leadership requires self-awareness, yet that trait is as rare as chicken lips. How can you lead a business when you don’t know what’s driving you? The kicker: while 95% of people report being self aware, only 1 in 10 actually are. Most of us know our aspirational selves, but few of us are open to spending...

Aug 20, 2019

Guy Smith, Director of the Milwaukee County Parks System shared updates on the Domes, discussed the Parks Fund with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, and talked about the challenges and opportunities facing the Parks system.

Aug 13, 2019

This is the Rotary Club version of the Rotary Program on Tuesday, August 13th with Richie Burke and Joe Solmonese. Stay tuned for the GoGedders Podcast coming out soon.

Rotarian Richie Burke interviewed Joe Solmonese, the CEO of the DNC Committee for a live GoGedders Podcast. They dived into Joe’s backstory, then...

Aug 9, 2019

Law enforcement agencies at all levels are committed to working with stakeholders to address human trafficking. We have to understand what human trafficking is and how best to fight it. As the top-ranking federal law enforcement official in the area, United States Attorney Matthew D. Krueger discussed the various forms...