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Mar 10, 2020

Reclaiming Agency: Cultivating a Culture of Regeneration in Life

The culture we’re immersed in, and how we inhabit spaces today are based on an old story about the strategy for social change. We are all working hard today to be catalysts for change, as many worked for many year in the past, and still things seem to be getting worse. Many aspects of today’s reality need urgent action, such as climate change. In my view, climate change is not the problem. We, the people, are who and what needs to change. This talk is about exploring, understanding and moving towards a more useful and regenerative response to life, (where we are creative, connected, full of energy and excited about Life); rather than the current reactive and ‘fear’ based one that leads to separation, disconnection and a ‘dead-end’ kind of experience of BE-ingness in life. With ‘expandedness’ in the life experience, we feel more alive and are better able to ‘dance with’ life issues within and out there!