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May 20, 2014

Economic incentives are a hot topic in recent headlines…but, do these initiatives really work for economic development? Is there a better play for state policymakers? Therese J. McGuire, Kellogg Professor of Management and Strategy, presents some fascinating insights about tax incentives and other approaches to economic development. Professor McGuire’s expertise includes state and local public finance, fiscal decentralization, property tax limitations, education finance, and regional economic development. She has written about and worked with numerous governments on state tax reform and on the impact of taxes on economic growth. In addition to her role as Professor of Management and Strategy at Kellogg, she serves as Director of the Guthrie Center for Real Estate Research and Kellogg’s Real Estate Program, and will begin a three-year term as Senior Associate Dean for Curriculum and Teaching in summer 2014. This was a joint meeting with the Kellogg Alumni Club of Wisconsin.


View Prof. McGuire's slides here.