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Nov 17, 2020

Diversity exists in many forms – race, politics, age and thoughts – to name a few. These differences can challenge workplace values, relationships and team productivity. When managed effectively, however, diversity can be the catalyst for creative and innovative solutions and result in high performing teams and impactful outcomes. The challenge and opportunity for leaders is to create an environment in which everyone feels respected, included and valued while harnessing diversity to positivity impact shared business goals.

In this session, Beth will simplify and demystify diversity and inclusion principles, share what it takes to bridge across differences to foster an inclusive environment and provide easy steps to develop and demonstrate an inclusive mindset – one of the most important leadership competencies in 2020 and beyond.


Beth combined her 25 years of corporate leadership and management consulting experience with her expertise in diversity and inclusion and positive psychology to launch, The Brimful Life, a coaching and consulting firm that works with executives to strengthen their leadership skills and transform their organizational cultures to better support their vision and strategic goals. Beth provide coaching and consulting services to help leaders jump start and build a sustainable culture of inclusion.

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