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Jun 18, 2019

For the past 100 yeas, the Milwaukee Urban League (MUL) has continued to build partnerships that empower communities and change lives. The early years of MUL not only included finding jobs and housing, but included the creation of a medical clinic and pharmacy to address healthcare needs for African-Americans. MUL strategically began to expand it's programming to further meet the needs of the community, adding social and recreational programs for youth and adults. Because of extensive segregation and discrimination during the early years, MUL became the connector to bridge gaps in housing, jobs, health, education, and economic development. Today, MUL focuses on three E's - Education, Employment, and Economic Vibrancy. Education and employment are two cornerstones that work to create the economic vibrancy that lifts our most vulnerable citizens out of despair and into more productive and successful lives. President and CEO, Dr Eve Hall, spoke to MUL's 100 year journey leading to today's work.